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At MTS Motors, we have the facilities to re-gas, recharge and repair your air conditioning system. If you’ve noticed a problem with your air con, normally either blowing too little or no air or too much, we recommend booking in to have it looked at as soon as possible to avoid paying more in the future.

It can take at least one hour to service and re-gas your air conditioning system. Anything less than this, can mean that the job is not being done correctly. There are several parts to an air control system, any of which can have wear and tear or blockages or leaks so it’s important that these get checked out thoroughly so that nothing is missed out.

Our expert mechanics will take a look at your system and see if there are any repairs that need to be conducted, and let you know if there are any leaks or blockages. You can wait in our reception and waiting room, or drop your car off and come and pick it up when it’s ready.

Most modern car air conditioning systems need regular servicing due to the natural absorbency of the components within the system. It’s a common misunderstanding that air control systems just blow out cold air, however, the A/C is combination of several parts involving condensing, compressors and evaporating as well as the refrigerant component. Any of these vital parts can be subject to wear and tear and can often be subject to leaks and blockages over time.

It is recommended that you get your air conditioning system serviced every 18 months to 2 years to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency. Your air control system is important all months of the year, as it not only cools you down in the summer, but the system also helps with de-fogging and keeping you warm in the winter.

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